Video sex chatting on 3g phone

Passing through the hallway Grace noticed that the bathroom door is open.She peeped inside and saw her old neighbor sitting in the tub.If you have an Android phone with front facing camera and are on 3G/4G or Wi-Fi network, then you can easily make video calls for free.In order to make a free video call, you need to have a video calling app installed on your phone.

Do I need to configure something in my settings or its really a crash?

This post was edited by 246244453 at , Jul-16-2014 my question and problem is that there is no option for video call in dialer. Any solution for this problem or MIUI team please fix this problem. I'm not bothered because I don't need video calls, but if this can be looked into it will be great. I think it lets you make video calls if you have data connection. So your friend would be left without any other options than Skype when he tries to video call other people without video calling feature on their non-Samsung phone.

but i feel very jelous at that time when a samsung user ask me that here there is no option for video call in your dialer but my samsung have. They are slowly disappearing from phones all over, except from Samsung and some of LG phones.

(By the way, at one point of time, Telcos tried to overprice video calling.

Which is why it is not popular anymore.) Is it just me?


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