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Two main issues are in play here: honesty and uncommunicated expectations.

First, your husband offers an explanation for his behavior that is possible, but not highly believable.

Unless he informed you or gave you the chance to participate in these activities, it was not an honest act on his part.

He also brushed off a chance to set the record straight without lying.

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Q: I made the mistake of clicking on a little email window that popped up on my husband's computer.

I discovered that he's been surfing porn sites and going to chat rooms to have sex with other women online.

I'm not a saleswoman, no need to build myself up to catch your attention.. Bec many people will only describe 'The Goods' and not mention 'The Bads'.. At this time of my life, I just want a quiet, drama-free-every-day-life.

Let's not complicate things: Live life fully, fruitfully and peacefully. First I would to thank God for getting me where I am today.


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    Suppose you had treatment-resistant depression (or any chronic mental illness), assuming that you had been going the medication-and-therapy route for years to no avail, and that you were doing all you could to help yourself in your condition, but that you were just not able to function on the same level as a healthy person (i.e., too unstable to keep a job, on social assistance, disability status, etc.).

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    Well, OK, it was really around the sternum, and he was wearing protective clothing. Fencing is about the furthest thing from what we'd normally do, but after 21 years of marriage, we were looking for ways to "bring novelty" into our relationship.

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