David duchovny dating gillian anderson

A few months ago Gillian and David were so cautious about keeping their maybe relationship under wraps that they wouldn’t even step out together in public, and now they are flirting on Twitter for the world to see!Yesterday David tweeted this to Gillian, ” Clearly the couple are referring to sex which they have obviously enjoyed together.

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PHOTOS: Costar couples Anderson, 46, swapped Agent Dana Scully's signature redheaded bob for a messy blonde updo in The Cutting Room.

fans everywhere would die for the two of them to date.

Unfortunately, these two have never shared a romantic relationship and they aren’t dating now either.

So, what do you make of David Duchovny’s tweets to Gillian Anderson? Let’s see some open dating and serious public commitment.

Do you think the couple is gradually going public with their relationship, which is pretty much the worst-kept secret in Hollywood?


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