Dating a selfish lover

One is a more complicated relationship than the other, and deserves more effort on your part to work it out.

One will also be a more painful split than the other.

He’s a bit selfish in bed, wanting you to do all of the work to please him, which you don’t mind since you enjoy his body.

But when it comes to your turn, he’s less than enthusiastic about returning the favor.

You hate to admit it, but it’s just not satisfying to you.

Some people choose to experience all of these during a sexual act, while others are only concerned with one or two of them.

According to statistics, around 80% of all women never orgasm during sexual intercourse.

Obviously you will want to do it in a way that's tactful and not demeaning to him, or you won't get very far. You won't know until you talk about it with him, and he can't improve until he knows you are not satisfied. If you've already discussed your sex problems and nothing has changed, then you have a bigger relationship issue—he's either incapable or unwilling to satisfy you in bed.

Maybe there's a reason he's been poor in bed lately: is he stressed? Speaking of dissatisfaction, how long have you been having sex with this man without an orgasm? That's when you have to decide if it's worth trying to work out or if it's time to hit the road.


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